Air conditioned offices, eco-destructive cars, processed foods, never ending traffic jams, notifications blowing up the phone every other minute. Although it is essential to be swift and on the ball, it is also vital to break free from all of it, once in a while. There is a lot more to life than the tedious daily routine we are caught up in. Hyper provides the perfect opportunity to those people who choose to be active, to break free from monotonous weekends and unwind. We create and manage fun-filled, adventurous and engaging outdoor activities, exploring out-of-the-box options to indulge-in, in and around the alentours of Chennai. We primarily focus on promoting fun activities, supporting a fitness-driven lifestyle, through engaging team activities and social outings, intended for the general public as well as customised solutions for small groups.


This involves 2 hours of sailing, starting with a full briefing on safety, followed by refreshments provided. While sailing if you wish to dive in for a quick dip it is possible provided the weather and other conditions are safe enough. We do private trips as well. We currently offer: Day, Evening, Night and full moon sailings.



This involves a duration of 4 hours, along with refreshments, breakfast and the necessary equipment will be provided. Starting off with a safety briefing, we will embark on a trek to massif viewpoint, trekking through trails, followed by an Icebreaker session. We will then proceed with a trek to Rock climbing training venue, followed by Commando Rope climbing and then onto Breakfast. Next up on the cards is the activity of Rappelling, followed by Field Archery and then to wrap up with some super Fun Games.